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Demister Mirror Cabinets

Designed with our customers in mind, our illuminated bathroom cabinets feature built-in demister pads for steam-free reflections. Condensation built up after a bath or shower can make it difficult to get ready and contributes to dampness in your bathroom. Our highly innovative storage solutions eliminate this problem by gently heating the surface of the mirror to prevent excess steam built-up. Our demister mirrors with LED lighting are the perfect addition to your bathroom wall.

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  1. 500x700mm Malin Recessed LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
    Recessed | Demister | Shaver Socket
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About Our Demister Mirror Cabinets

Our demister mirrored cabinets not only offer extra storage space but also prevent condensation to ensure clear reflections at all times. Often referred to as anti-fog mirror cabinets, these products work perfectly in steamy bathrooms. Mirrored Demister Cabinets are the perfect solution for anyone who has a post-shower bathroom routine who struggle with trying to clear a steamed-up mirror. Using heated demister pads steam is cleared away in an effective manner making sure you can always use your mirror.

Our Demister Mirror Cabinets

In addition to this, our heated cabinets are also beautifully illuminated to add a touch of luxury to your space. Featuring energy-efficient LEDs, our mirrored cabinets provide bright illumination that’s perfect for additional lighting in the bathroom. Emitting copious amounts of light, these cabinets feature cool white LED bulbs however, some of our products feature ambient colour changing technology. Unique and innovative, these cabinets diffuse from cool white light to warm relaxing white with a simple touch. Our wall-mounted fog-free cabinets also feature soft-close doors and adjustable shelving.

How do Demister Mirror Cabinets Work?

Ensuring efficiency, the majority of our bathroom cabinets with demister pads begin to tackle condensation as soon as the lights are activated. Whether you choose a motion sensor cabinet or a touch-activated cabinet, the demister will get to work whenever you switch the lights on. From here, the demister will gently heat the surface of the mirror to ensure fog-free reflections in the bathroom.