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Bathroom Mirror Cabinets

Take a look at our extensive range of bathroom mirror cabinets that are designed to provide the perfect storage space for any bathroom or en-suite. Our innovative collection includes energy-efficient LED lights that will perfectly complement your daily routine. We have designed this range to cater for all tastes and sizes to ensure we have something for everyone. Be inspired at Pebble Grey with the perfect bathroom furniture for your space.

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  1. 564x700mm Grace Bluetooth LED Bathroom Mirror Cabinet
    Demister | Bluetooth | Shaver Socket
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Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets

Adding a cabinet to your bathroom, ensuite, or toilet is the perfect solution to adding more storage to your home. A bathroom cabinet with lights can transform any space. Our products are multifunctional as they can be used as a storage unit, mirror and, light all in one. Placing your furniture above the sink allows you to hide away all of your bathroom products such as toothbrushes, soaps and creams. As well as this, you can put items up high so the kids can get them; these can include razors, make-up, and medication. A wall mounted bathroom reflector is perfect for checking your make-up, brushing your teeth, or taking a shave morning and night. Allowing you to see more clearly, an illuminated cabinet is perfect for precision tasks. All of our cabinets are wall hung and come with shelves for easy organisation of your bathroom.

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

Our bathroom mirrors are designed by our experts right here in the UK. Our experts have been developing innovative bathroom mirrors for over 12 years. We all know how integral mirrors are to a bathroom; they not only add functionality but, they're also perfect design pieces and work to accentuate light and space in your bathroom. We supply multiple sizes to make sure you can find the right fit for your space and storage needs. Our bathroom storage solutions have a variety of features such as built-in demister pads, shaving sockets and Bluetooth speakers. Most of our storage mirrors also feature soft-close doors which, prevent banging and breakages. In addition to this, the products in this collection feature varied lighting options to suit all tastes. We have a large range of daylight LEDs and, have recently introduced a selection of reflectors with ambient LEDs. Our ambient collection features colour-changing LEDs that transform from cool bright white to warm relaxing white.

Perfect for creating extra storage space in your bathroom, free standing bathroom cabinets with lights are necessary to minimise mess. By reducing clutter around your sink, you're able to start your daily routine as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Mirrored bathroom vanity units are great for medicine as it allows you to keep your medications handy but out of reach of little hands. Our range of bathroom wall cabinets features single mirrored doors and double-doored depending on your preferred style. Bathroom vanity units are perfect for maximising space in small bathrooms. Our illuminated storage products provide an abundance of functionality to any space. Our illuminated mirrored cupboards provide effective storage solutions but, they can also reduce the need for other bathroom furniture such as vanity units and shower caddies. Extremely popular, our products can be used to store all your essential toiletries and usually takes up less room than the alternatives. Shop our amazing range of bathroom furniture.