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Black Bathroom Mirrors

Make an impact with a black framed bathroom mirror. Our black mirror range combines brilliant LED lights and sharp black accents for a real statement.

Make a statement in modern and contemporary spaces with a black bathroom mirror. Adding definition to neutral spaces, our black framed bathroom mirror range combines LED illuminated with striking non-illuminated mirrors. The black accents pair perfectly with natural wood vanity units and foliage for a clean, classic feel.

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  1. 1000x600 Oslo LED Iluminated Bathroom Mirror
    Demister | Motion Sensor | Ambient LEDs
    Regular Price £444.99 £249.99 You Save £195.00
    In stock
  2. 600x1000 Oslo Curve LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
    Touch Sensor | Ambient LEDs | Dimmer
    Regular Price £394.99 £249.99 You Save £145.00
    In stock
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About Black Bathroom Mirrors

If you are looking for a point of convergence in your room, this individual array of illuminated bathroom mirrors is sure to have something for you. Crafted with Scandinavian interior design and practical appeal in mind, our exclusive range of rectangular and round bathroom mirrors could be the finishing touch you have been looking for. Keeping style and functionality in mind, this innovative, impressive collection could be pivotal in your modern, contemporary space, whatever the size. Complementing a wide range of spaces, this curated collection comes in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes that are designed for easy installation. We have a selection of large bathroom mirrors, circular bathroom mirrors and, even cabinets for you to choose from. Our unique wall-mounted mirrors will also make the perfect bathroom vanity.

Our Black Bathroom Mirrors

Add definition to a neutral space with a striking black framed bathroom mirror featuring illuminated LEDs that showcases your bathroom. Alternatively, choose a black bathroom mirror with a shelf for a sleek but useful choice. Illuminated bathroom mirrors are perfect for applying skincare, make-up, tweezing or styling your hair. All the mirrors in this collection feature cool white lights however, many feature dimmable ambient LED technology that allows you to alter the glow from brilliant cool light to natural daylight, and to warm, relaxing white. The dual lighting options also allow the products in this collection to be used as vanity mirrors. This all-inclusive collection showcases the possibilities of a beautifully diffused backlit mirror for adding depth to your space and offering a soft, even hue throughout the room. Coupled with a remarkable array of features, our carefully selected range combines both functionality and minimalism. This extensive collection of mirrors offers a variety of features that prove to be useful in any setting; this includes demister pads, mirrors with shelves, in-set magnification mirrors and even wireless charging ports – perfect for smartphones and smartwatches.