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Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors

Love listening to music in the shower? Our Bluetooth bathroom mirrors offer exceptional audio quality at great prices. Our IP44 Bluetooth mirrors are fitted with speakers that allow you to wirelessly connect your devices safely and securely to your bathroom mirror.  Get extra peace of mind with an extendable 10-year guarantee and free UK delivery.

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  1. 500x700mm Luka Smart LED Bathroom Mirror with Alexa Built-in
    Alexa Built-In | Demister | TrueHue
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About Bluetooth Audio Mirrors

Designed with easy installation in mind, our smart Illuminated Bluetooth bathroom mirrors output high-quality sound to accompany your bathroom routine. Perfect for a modern bathroom, our range of illuminated LED bathroom mirrors with Bluetooth connectivity can enhance your bathroom in more ways than one. Whether you like listening to podcasts, music or radio in the bathroom, wall-mounted mirrors ensure a safe and practical alternative.

Our Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors

Most mirrors at Pebble Grey are multifunctional, adding an extra level of practicality to the home. As well as this, our crafted range of Bluetooth bathroom mirrors also features LED lighting that perfectly complements any space. When illuminated, the LED bulbs within our mirror give out a remarkable glow that's perfect for precision tasks. The energy-saving LEDs within our speaker mirrors feature cool white LEDs that are perfect for waking in the morning. We also have a collection of mirrors that can be hung either horizontally or vertically. We have a range of Bluetooth mirrors that feature both motion and touch sensor switches. Our mirrors with touch sensor switches are perfect in the bathroom as they can be easily activated as you begin your daily routine.

Furthermore, all our Bluetooth audio mirrors are beautifully illuminated, some with shaver points for toothbrushes, and all are fitted with energy-efficient heated demister pads. Demister pads are perfect in the bathroom as they reduce the steam build up on the surface of the mirror. We also have a large selection of frameless mirrors that feature Bluetooth connectivity. They will look impressive in any contemporary bathroom. 

How to Connect

Connecting can be easy and, when you do, the sound quality is unrivalled. When both your Bluetooth device and the mirror/cabinet lights are turned on, you will hear a quick 'beep', indicating that you are connected and ready to play! The powerful speaker within the mirror will ensure you can always hear your favourite song even over the sound of flowing water. Perfect when you want to relax after a hard day or wake up in the morning, our Bluetooth speaker mirrors do it all.