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Demister Bathroom Mirrors

Our built-in mirror demister pads safely and gently heat up your mirror to quickly clear the steam and reveal a beautifully illuminated reflection. Condensation after a bath or shower makes it difficult to get ready and can leave your bathroom damp! Our heated demister pad mirrors are not only efficient, but they can help with damp in the bathroom.

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  1. 1000x600 Oslo LED Iluminated Bathroom Mirror
    Demister | Motion Sensor | Ambient LEDs
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About Our Demister Mirrors

Demister mirrors gently heat behind the mirror glass to prevent condensation from building up on your glass. Condensation puts your bathroom routine on pause and prevents you from getting ready in the morning. Often called anti-fog mirrors, they are perfect when your bathroom doesn't have an extractor fan. Demister pads are vital to prevent overall dampness and ensure a steam-free bathroom mirror at all times.

Here at Pebble Grey, we have an abundance of anti-fog mirrors that help to prevent steamy mirrors. With our wide range, we are sure you'll be able to find something to fit your space. We're here if you're looking for traditional rectangular mirrors or unique rounded mirrors. We also have a selection of black metal mirrors that will perfectly suit your space. Most mirrors at Pebble Grey are multifunctional. We have a large selection of mirrors that are designed to benefit your space. The majority of our LED bathroom mirrors feature a demister to ensure steam-free reflections at all times. Our demisting bathroom mirrors are LED illuminated and some have brilliant cool white LED lighting. As well as this, some of the demister mirrors also feature shaving sockets and Bluetooth audio. The pads are usually activated when the lights are turned on. The LEDs are either activated by a touch-free motion sensor or a touch button sensor. Our mirrors come in many shapes and size including 500x700, 800x600 and 390x500.

How to keep a fog free mirror?

Demister Pad mirrors are the best way of keeping a fog free bathroom mirror. The pads within these mirrors gently heat the mirror to remove the steam. The reduction in condensation ensures you have a clear reflection while in any bathroom. Demister mirrors work perfectly after a steamy shower or hot bath. They help to clear steam on the mirror and reduce fog in the bathroom.  Demister Pads are normally turned on when the lights are active or, they have their own separate rocker switch to turn them on.