Demister Mirrors

Our built-in mirror demister pads safely and gently heat up your mirror to quickly clear the steam and reveal a beautifully illuminated reflection. Condensation on mirror glass after a bath or shower makes it difficult to get ready and can leave your bathroom damp! Our demister pad mirror range is not only efficient but can help with damp conditions in the bathroom, which can be costly if not dealt with.

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About Our Demister Mirrors

Our demister mirrors are heated with demister pads to prevent condensation from steaming up the glass to ensure you will always be able to see clearly. Often called anti-fog mirrors, these are perfect when your bathroom doesn't have an extractor fan so is often too steamy to see into a mirror.

Most mirrors at Pebble Grey are multifunctional. Our demister mirrors are also LED illuminated, some with a shaver socket, some with a digital clock and some with Bluetooth audio.

How do you keep bathroom mirrors from fogging up?

Demister Pad or Anti Fog mirrors are the best way of keeping your mirrors from fogging up. The pads within these mirrors gently heat the mirror to remove the steam ensuring that you have a clear reflection while in the bathroom. Demister Pads are normally turned on either with the illumination switch or they have their own separate button to turn on.