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Bathroom Mirrors with Shaver Sockets

It's time to bring your bathroom to life! Here at Pebble Grey, we have a range of shaving point mirrors that work perfectly in modern households. Bringing efficiency and style, our gorgeous LED bathroom mirrors feature a built-in shaver socket for your convenience. Increasing overall functionality, shaver socket mirrors make your bathroom routine easier, especially in the mornings. Crafted in highly durable glass, these mirrors are guaranteed to be perfect for your space.

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  1. 1200x600mm Diaz LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror
    Demister | Motion Sensor | Shaver Socket
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About Our Shaver Mirrors

A changing socket is considered to be an essential feature within a bathroom. Purchasing a bathroom mirror with a shaving socket is ideal for most modern bathrooms as it reduces the need to install one separately. For many people, it is convenient for you to have a shaver socket near a wall-mounted mirror. You’ll always be able to see what you’re shaving and, you can also use your shaver socket to charge your electric toothbrush. Including a shaver mirror in your space will allow you to charge next to your mirror and basin with no additional installation. An electric shaver socket mirror gives power to your bathroom at all times. The sockets are usually located down the right-hand side of the mirror for ease of use. Our cabinets feature a socket inside at the top where to can charge your electricals out of sight. Combing style and convenience, this range of illuminated mirrors are designed to improve your daily routine.

Our range of shaver mirrors

Our exclusive range of shaver socket mirrors also features additional functional elements that are perfect for your bathroom. This unique range of mirrors is committed to creating a functional haven in your bathroom. Our selection of shaver mirrors come in many different shapes and sizes to ensure you find something perfect for your space. We also have a collection of backlit mirrors and LED lighting mirrors that offer greater precision when shaving. Most of our bathroom mirrors feature high-quality cool white LEDs. We also have a selection of ambient LEDs that diffuse from cool white to warm white. Cool white light is perfect for shaving as it provides a cleaner, brighter reflection. In contrast, warm light is perfect for when you want to relax. As well as this, our multifunctional bathroom mirrors feature demister pads for a steam-free shower and Bluetooth audio that allows you to listen to your favourite songs in the shower. Our unique LED mirrors with demister pads, shaver sockets and audio speakers and increasingly popular. LED illuminated mirrors with demister pads keep your mirrored surfaces fog-free plus, bathroom mirrors with shaver sockets keep your electrics charged up when you need them. Some of our shaving mirrors also feature a touch control switch that activates the lights or, others are controlled by motion sensors. A favourable feature for any bathroom is a shaver socket bathroom mirror.