5 Top Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips

5 Top Bathroom Spring Cleaning Tips
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We might love our bathrooms but we definitely don’t love cleaning them. Sadly, as the warmer months creep up on us, that all-important spring cleaning must be done -- but it doesn’t have to be a chore. This year, simply follow our five easy bathroom cleaning tips and you’ll soon be walking away from a spotless bathroom with the spring still in your step.

1)    Always wipe down your shower/bath.

Spring cleaning often feels like a huge chore because it’s the time we have to tackle all the mess we’ve allowed to build up over winter. It’s a far better idea to keep on top of a few little things, like always wiping down your shower cubicle or bath after use, to save yourself lots of hard work in the long run.

2)    Use homemade products

Besides all the hard work, there’s two things we hate about spring cleaning: 1) The cost of buying all those new cleaning products, and 2) the skin-drying, nail-ruining and eye-watering chemicals in the aforementioned cleaning products. To save your bank balance and your hands, try using natural or homemade cleaning products. Vinegar is perfect for cleaning showers and baths and you can even mix it with lemon or essential oils if you don’t fancy a bathroom that smells like fish and chips.

3)    Wax your tiles

It may seem unnecessary but using wax on your tiles can really protect them from water marks, stains and scratches. Every year, use your spring clean as a time to re-wax your tiles and you could save yourself a lot of scrubbing come next spring.

4)    Don't forget the grout

Even if you’ve scrubbed your tiles until they shine, grey or discoloured grout can make even the cleanest bathroom look grotty. Dip an old toothbrush in bleach and scrub any marks, mould or mildew away for a fresh, new-bathroom look. If you find that this doesn’t work, it might be time to re-grout your tiles -- experts recommend that this is done once every six months to keep your bathroom truly mould-free.

5)    Baking soda is your friend

Mildly abrasive, baking soda is a great solution for getting rid of greasy bath rings or stains on sinks and tiles. Mixed with vinegar, it also makes for a deliciously foamy and natural cleanser for pouring down drains and preventing clogging.

20 March 2015
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