6 of the Best Bathroom Storage Ideas

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If we had our way, everyone would have a huge bathroom with plenty of space for cabinets, vanity units and cupboards to keep all those toiletries and essentials neatly stashed away. Sadly though, that’s rarely the case and, once you’ve fitted a bath, shower, sink and toilet, there can often be very little room left over for storage. Luckily we’ve come up with some ingenious ways you can fit storage into even the smallest bathrooms.


A huge favourite in chintzy, shabby chic bathrooms, baskets are a great storage idea because they can be placed, tucked or stacked anywhere where there’s space. Opt for stainless steel baskets if your bathroom is ultra-modern or wicker baskets for a more rustic feel.

Wall Mounted Pods

One good way to maximise space in a small bathroom is to stop thinking about the floor and make the most of the walls. Attaching little storage boxes to the walls around your sink or mirror is great for keeping toiletries neat and won’t make your bathroom floor feel cluttered. It’s also a really versatile storage design; small wicker baskets could be used for country bathrooms, opulent porcelain dishes for classic bathrooms, painted wooden crates or old wine boxes for shabby chic bathrooms, or minimalist egg-shaped pods for more modern designs.

Under the Sink

If you have a wall-mounted sink, the space beneath it can often go unused. Try fitting a shelf or two at ankle or knee-height. These can be great for stacking towels or beauty products and, because they won’t be in your eyeline, they’ll keep your bathroom from looking messy or cluttered.

Under the Bath

If your bath has a panel around the bottom, there can often be room to build little drawers or shelves in there. They’ll only be small but perfect for stashing away spare toothpaste or a toilet roll or two.

Hidden Space

No, we’re not talking about magical disappearing storage. We’re talking about any space you might be able to find in your bathroom walls. Very often there can be plenty of gaps and spaces behind your walls that are perfect for built-in storage. If the gap is very shallow, you can still build a floor-to-ceiling cabinet to maximise the space.

14 February 2015
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