Bathroom Lighting Buying Guide

Bathroom Lighting Buying Guide
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You may consider bathroom lighting to be as simple as picking an attractive, cost-effective fitting and installing it in the middle of the ceiling, but delve a little deeper and you will find that this multi-functional, multi-dimensional space often creates endless variations of effects and overall appearance of the room.

As well as considering the appearance of the fitting itself, you must also decide if your bathroom is in need of one main fitting or multiple fittings to highlight different parts of the room. Once you have this, you then decide if the room is best suited for cool white lighting or warm white lighting.

You may feel pressured and confused as to what you do now, but we’re here to walk you through bathroom lighting and how to make the most of the space in your bathroom.

The main purpose of the space

You need to take plenty of time to consider how you want this space to look and feel when in use. Is this a family bathroom that gets used frequently? Does it need to be child-friendly? Or is it going to be a relaxing place for one to unwind? The purpose of the room heavily influences the type of lighting you will need.

Warm white lighting will allow you to create an atmospheric space through soft, calm lighting.

Cool white lighting will allow you to highlight the key features of the room and provide you with brilliant task lighting.


Types of bathroom lighting

Recessed downlights are built into the ceiling and lie flush against the surface. They are modern, sleek, and can easily blend into any style of bathroom. To add a unique, personalised touch to them, you could always install them into nooks, recesses or alcoves in the bathroom. These are a great choice for a smaller bathroom or ensuite as they don't take up much room but can really illuminate the space efficiently. Our brand new Fire-rated Bathroom Downlights are perfect for new build houses, they look fantastic and they offer extra peace of mind for family homes.


Spotlights feature a single light fitting that can offer not only one, but multiple light outputs at the same time. These are commonly found in family bathrooms as well as kitchens too, as they provide an excellent source of task lighting whilst adding an attractive feature to the room itself. This Ares 3-way spotlight will allow you to highlight the key features of your bathroom, whilst keeping in tone with your theme.

With a single fitting, spotlights can easily be changed and adjusted to suit your own bathroom or ensuite.


Bathroom ceiling lights are usually flush or semi-flush, adding character and depth to the room as well as efficient bathroom lighting. With these types of lights, you will usually only need to purchase one fitting as they can illuminate the whole room perfectly, but if your bathroom is larger, two ceiling light fitting will complement each other beautifully. These traditional Stellar Glass Dome Ceiling Lights produce family-friendly warm lighting to create a soft, peaceful ambience. 


For a more decorative option, why not consider bathroom wall lights. These can be hung at eye level, becoming a stunning focal point in your room, or can be installed at both sides of your mirror to provide you with task lighting for shaving or applying makeup. They can be as simple and sleek as you wish, or you could go for a unique design to bring some wow-factor to your tranquil bathroom. These contemporary Helix Up and Down Wall Lights are subtle and sleek whilst providing you with the perfect task-lighting when installed next to your mirror or cabinet.


If you would like to add a touch of vintage luxury to the bathroom, you are in need of eye-catching, crystal-cut glass design that can add a unique, yet glamorous appearance to the bathroom. Make your guests envious with beautiful bathroom pendant lighting and create a space you are truly proud of. These exquisite Glass Eternity Bathroom Pendant Light contain crushed crystals to produce a sparkling light output which will create a sense of luxury and serenity in your bathroom.


We believe the bathroom is a place you should be truly proud of, which is why we are pleased to announce our brand-new range of bathroom lighting, along with our illuminated mirrors and cabinets. Enhance your bathroom and see yourself in a better light, and at a competitive price with Pebble Grey.

26 September 2019
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