Creative bathroom lighting ideas

Lighting a bathroom isn’t always just a case of a single light fitting to illuminate the whole room. There are many more decorative lighting solutions available to us than there once was. This helps to create a sense of mood or flair in a room, making it more inviting and appealing. To give you some ideas, we’ve highlighted some ways of the best ways to illuminate your bathroom.

Plinth & Accent Lighting

Space is often at a premium when it comes to decorating. If you’d like to opt for a simple yet stylish way to light your bathroom while taking up next to no space, consider plinth lighting. Plinth lighting skirts around your fixtures at a ground level to cast a soft glow into the room – perfect for a relaxing evening bath. An alternative option is to use a smaller amount of plinth lighting in conjunction with carefully placed ceiling fixtures to accentuate the key decorative features of your bathroom.

Internal Lighting

If you’ve decided on a less bright light in the aim of creating a much more ambient and calm atmosphere in your bathroom, it could be a little difficult to keep track of everything when it comes to rooting around cupboards and cabinets. Fortunately, there are simple solutions that take up hardly any space while keeping these areas bright when you need them to be. Internal lights in cabinets such as the Solus rechargeable in-cabinet light feature an eight month battery life, and an integrated sensor that will automatically switch the light on as you open the cabinet and off as you close it. A perfect solution to illuminate any storage space in your bathroom without detracting from any ambience created in your bathroom.

Use Furniture

One option for lighting is to install wall mounted fixtures at face height to make your daily personal care routine that much easier. However, if you would rather not install any more light fixtures in your bathroom, why not bypass the problem entirely? Some of the more modern mirrors and bathroom cabinets on the market will come with lights built in, providing you with both stylish furniture and a simple lighting solution in one.

With the wide variety of lighting options available today, there is bound to be a solution that is right for your bathroom, either to accentuate decorative features or to help save space.

We can help you find the right creative lighting solution for your bathroom, be that one of our illuminated cabinets, or one of our range of bathroom lighting fixtures.

28 March 2017
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