Different bathroom styles to get you thinking…

Different bathroom styles to get you thinking…
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When it comes to designing your bathroom and thinking of all the different styles you could opt for, it can at first feel like a minefield, especially if you’re starting from scratch. There’s so much to consider, including, will it be in keeping with the rest of the house? Is it practical for everyone who needs to use it? Will it create the ultimate relaxing sanctuary you’ve yearned for? 

Taking inspiration from our talented and creative customers who’ve kindly shared their finished bathrooms with us on Instagram, we’ve narrowed the endless styles down to our most popular five to share with you.

1.) Contemporary

This style works best if you’re a fan of straight lines, open space and a clutter-free space. 
Emphasis is made on the quality of materials, marble is often a firm favourite, and a clean, fuss-free setting. This beautiful picture shared by @becky_hiatt features our Savannah Mirror.


2.) Scandinavian  

Similarly to the contemporary style, Scandinavian also favours clean lines and a simple aesthetic. It’s both practical and efficient with a nod to minimalism and beautiful natural woods. 
This stunning design was shared by @sophieloux and features our circular Halo Mirror


3.) Transitional 

This style is the best of both worlds. It’s both traditional and modern, mixing a little of the old with a little of the new. This bathroom by @kiwicreationssurrey perfectly integrates a country style vanity with our ultra-modern Grace Mirror Cabinet.


4.) Eclectic 

This style looks effortless thrown together for a cool, laid back feel, however every colour, item and texture has been carefully curated and hand-picked. This lovely example shared with us by @tropic_skincare_with_wendy includes our Renee Mirror Cabinet.   


5.) Retro

A subtle nod to a bye-gone era through with a simple shape, line or shade. This romantic design with a hint of art-deco, features our Savannah Mirror and was kindly shared with us by @cornish_renovation_by_laura.  


For plenty more bathroom design ideas, for every size, shape and age of house, take a look at our Instagram page. Or have a browse through all our stunning designs, including an array of handy features, here to find your perfect mirror that will unavoidably inspire your design choices. 

12 October 2020
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