Bathroom Trends for Summer

Bathroom Trends for Summer

As we welcome Summer with open arms, you may find this as an opportunity to freshen up your bathroom for peace of mind and just in time before your guests come over.  

Whether your style is sleek and clutter-free or unique and bold, we have found the most inspiring bathroom trends for Summer 2019.


Beautiful Patterns

You can implement beautiful patterns in a variety of ways in your bathroom or ensuite. If you’re considering using a pattern but not sure how, why not start small with a unique shower curtain, bathroom blinds or textured towels?

If you’re ready for a big change, wallpaper seems to be very up-and-coming in the latest bathroom trends. Even splashing out on some patterned wall or floor tiles can make all the difference in a neutral bathroom or ensuite, adding a touch of style and bringing the room to life in an instant.


Statement Colours

We have noticed how quickly the ‘Summer’ colours have started to appear in bathrooms again. Grey now looks too bleak against the fresh green leaves outside, so we are seeing pops of colour appear in different areas of the bathroom in time for Summer.

Even if your bathroom is small and compact, there are many ways to make a statement with colour. Whether this is by replacing your white furniture to something colourful, adding a bold floor, or going crazy with coloured wall tiles. Don’t be afraid to try something different and make your bathroom unique to you!


White Space

If you can’t work with colour in your bathroom, spend some time working with the white space in your bathroom. Neutral bathrooms do tend to look bigger when white space is implemented. White floors and white tiles may seem hard to maintain and keep pristine, but they can make the room look elegant and appear much larger at first glance.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you should keep everything white. Adding a small plant, bathmat or decorative towel to the room will give the space some personality and keep it from looking too plain, all whilst creating the illusion of additional space.


Simply Botanical

Botanical trends are continuing to grow and dominate almost every room in the house. We’ve seen plants appear in kitchens, living areas, bedrooms and even dining areas. Not only do these little touches look great, but they also make your home feel fresh and clean.

If you find some plant pots that match the theme of your bathroom, you can place them on some shelves near your shower or basin area. Go for a traditional planter on your windowsill, or even stretch to a floor standing plant to pair with your bath or storage furniture.


Finishing Touches

And finally, however you decide to freshen up your bathroom, you can never go wrong with adding those little finishing touches to complete the look and feel of the room. Stick to the theme of the bathroom or contrast against it with small decorations and accessories to create a space you’re truly proud of.

This could include a new bathmat, vase, laundry basket, glass jars or matching soap dishes and toothbrush pots.


This Summer, spruce up your home and get ready for sunshine and laughter in a home you are proud of.

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28 June 2019
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