Bathroom Walls Comparison: Tiles vs Painted vs Wallpapered

When it comes to decorating a bathroom we can often get so wrapped up in choosing the best bath, shower or sink that we completely forget to think about the walls. It can be tricky to know how to decorate your bathroom walls so we’ve weighed up the options.

Wallpaper Pros

  • Adding wallpaper to one wall is a quick and easy way to create a feature wall that’ll make your bathroom much more stylish.
  • Wallpaper tends to last longer than paint (up to 10 years if looked after) so is a better option if you don’t want to be decorating every two years.
  • This also means wallpaper can work out as more cost effective than paint as you have to replace it less often.

Wallpaper Cons

  • When it needs replacing, removing old wallpaper can be a pain!
  • Wallpaper also doesn’t fare well in moisture-rich situations, which makes it less than ideal for bathrooms.

Paint Pros

  • Unlike wallpaper, paint is much easier to apply.
  • This means paint can be changed as and when you fancy, great if you like mixing up your interior decor once every so often.
  • Paint also has endless colours available which can mixed, paired with other colours or even used to create beautiful murals.

Paint Cons

  • Sadly paint isn’t as long-wearing as its rivals and will need to be retouched quite frequently to cover scratches, chips and damage as well as freshening up the colour.
  • Paint can also suffer from humid environments and painted bathroom walls are prone to peeling or mould.

Tiles Pros

  • Unlike wallpaper and paint, tiles can add some much-needed texture to bathroom design.
  • Tiles are also far more suited to humid environments, making them easier to wash too!
  • Tiles are a pretty timeless decoration, making them much more of a permanent bathroom fixture that won’t need updating often.

Tiles Cons

  • Permanence isn’t great if you like changing your interior design frequently!
  • Tiles can also be very heavy so you might be limited in your choice of materials depending on your walls.
  • Lastly, tiles can be a lot pricier than simply giving your bathroom a lick of paint. Whether you choose stone or ceramic, this is one trendy material that doesn’t come cheap!
22 February 2015
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