Best mirror for shaving

Whether you’re aiming for a sharp, clean shaven look, or you want to create designer stubble or a fashionable beard, getting the style right has a lot to do with the mirror you use. You need to be able to see what you’re doing to do it well and do it safely. So what should you consider when finding the best mirror for shaving? From height to size, lighting to magnification, this blog aims to help. 

Place and Fit

The first thing to think about is where you will place your mirror. It’s wise to consider putting it somewhere so you can collect the hairs you’ve trimmed, and wash your razor afterwards, like above your bathroom wash basin. Thinking about where you place your mirror can also help you determine if it should be fitted to a wall or free-standing. For instance, if you position your mirror above a basin, it’s probably best to fit it to the wall. Alternatively, if you place it on vanity unit, a free-standing mirror might be a better option.

Purpose and Function

You should also consider if you want the mirror to function as something else, like a mirror-fronted cabinet. This can be useful if you want to store your shaving essentials near to where you shave. A mirror that comes with additional functions, like a shaving socket, which can make the shaving process more efficient, is also worth considering. This can be ideal for giving your electric shaver a quick charge if its battery starts to run low while you’re shaving.


Height and Size

The height of your mirror is also important. Ideally, it should be positioned at eye level, so you can shave comfortably close to the glass, while being stable on your feet. It shouldn’t be too low, so you have to crouch down to the mirror, but it also shouldn’t be too high, so that you need to stand up on your toes to face it. Size is also something to think about. Ideally it should be big enough so you’re able to see your whole face and neck in the mirror while shaving close up.

Good Lighting

Making sure your mirror is positioned so it captures the right light is crucial when shaving. You need to be able to see what you’re doing to do it safely, but also make sure the surrounding lighting doesn’t create shadows on your face. Poor lighting might hide unshaven hairs you’ve missed, or cause areas of stubble to look fuller than they are. Using more than one light source or a combination of lighting, such as ceiling lights or LEDs with wall lights, can help give you a more accurate reflection. Daylight from a nearby window can bring in natural light that can help lessen shadows. Alternatively, an illuminated mirror, where the outer area of the glass is illuminated, can also help create the best light.

Magnified Glass

A magnified mirror can be key for using different shaving styles. For instance, if you’re trying to create a clean shave, you need to see close up more hidden areas, like around your jaw line. It can also help when creating an even designer stubble, or trimming above the lip or around the chin to create a symmetrical a goatee. More importantly, a magnified mirror is important for safety, especially when wet shaving. If you’re using a sharp razor to create a line under the chin, where your stubble or beard ends, for instance, you need to make sure you can see the hairs to cut them safely without catching the skin.

How we can help with mirrors for shaving

A mirror that’s the right size and magnification, while providing good light and offering the best safety, is essential when shaving. At Pebble Grey, we provide a series of mirrors, with the aim of helping to give you the best, safest shave. This includes illuminated mirrors and some hi-tech designs with a shaving socket. To take a look at the stylish range we offer, please see our Shaver mirrors page.

24 March 2017
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