What is the Best Mirror for Shaving?

Gentlemen, do you think of shaving your face as a chore you'd rather just put off? Because, with the right mirror, you can optimise your bathroom to improve your shaving experience in an instant. There are many mirror features that can contribute to creating a sharp, clean-shaven look, a precise stubble or a fashionable beard appearance, allowing for a stress-free shave and an enhanced feel to your bathroom.

Demister Mirror 

Shaving after a hot shower allows the steam and heat to open the pores and soften the facial hair, making it easier to shave. However, the steam also causes mirrors to fog up and become somewhat of an inconvenience. Demister mirrors are heated with demister pads to prevent condensation from steaming up the glass, ensuring you will always be able to see clearly. These are ideal for those bathrooms without extractor fans, ensuring you have a crystal clear mirror even after a hot shower. 

Magnifying Mirror 

We know how important the small details are, and we make sure that our products are designed to give you an enhanced experience when using these products for yourself. A magnifying mirror can improve a shaving routine by helping to focus on a specific area of the face that may be hidden or difficult to see. Magnifying mirrors provide a 3x magnification, ensuring you achieve a clean, precise finish - every time. 

LED Illuminated Mirror 

Poor lighting can create shadows on your face which can hide unshaven hairs or cause stubble to appear fuller. It is important to see what you are doing when you are shaving to be able to finish it properly and safely. Which is why the light from an LED illuminated mirror will help you to shave with clarity. With powerful LEDs, these mirrors will come in a variety of styles and sizes; allowing you to optimise your shaving experience to the highest of standards. 

Shaver Socket Mirror 

A shaver socket hidden within the design of a mirror is the ultimate convenient feature to eliminate the stress of finding a suitable outlet for both an electric shaver and an electric toothbrush. Never struggle for space with a shaver socket mirror, and make the laborious task of shaving, an absolute breeze. Sleek and sophisticated, these mirrors are crafted with highly durable glass and designed to the highest quality to make for the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom. 

Mirrored Cabinet 

mirrored cabinet can possess all the features listed above, combined with the additional benefit of storing shaving essentials and hiding any other toiletries away to provide you with a neat and tidy look for your bathroom. At Pebble Grey, we offer a range of mirrors designed specifically for shaving; equipped with the technology to give you the best shaving experience, from shaver sockets to demister pads, to lighting, so that you can shave efficiently and effectively.

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6 June 2018
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