Bluetooth Bathroom Mirrors: What are the main benefits?

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When developing any room in your home today, it is common to look to install hi-tech solutions. Smart technology can make many day-to-day tasks that we undertake much easier to complete. However, when it comes to the bathroom, it can be challenging to work out where to install hi-tech instruments. One place you might want to think about investing in a smart solution, though, is with your mirrors.  

Today, Bluetooth bathroom mirrors have become increasingly popular. Why, though? What are the main benefits of installing and using a Bluetooth bathroom mirror in your home? 

1.) Set the right ambience 

One of the primary benefits of investing in Bluetooth bathroom mirrors is the ability to set and play music. These tend to come with features installed that allow them to connect to phones, tablets, and the like and play the music through the mirror. 

That helps to keep the music flowing without having to worry about your phone or tablet being a little bit too close to the water. Now, you can set the right mood for a long bath without having to juggle your phone around soapy water that could become dangerous if dropped. 


2.) Change the lighting 

Another benefit of most Bluetooth bathroom mirrors is the ability to provide LED lighting. When you want to set the right mood, this means using lighting. Typically, this might come from expensive dimmer switches or the use of candles. However, Bluetooth bathroom mirrors allow you to easily change the room's lighting with their built-in LED lighting options. 

This is fantastic for making sure the room feels welcoming and positive. Changing the lighting of the room used to be a trial and error issue with candles and switches. Now, with your Bluetooth bathroom mirror, you can easily set the exact colour scheme and tone you are looking for. 


3.) Remove condensation

Sick of coming out of the shower/bath and waiting 10-15 minutes for your mirror to de-mist? Well, Bluetooth bathroom mirrors can put an end to that. These mirrors can help to get rid of the mist using a built-in demister pad that is built into the mirror. This means that the mirror does not fog up anywhere near as much, meaning that you can quickly sort out your hair etc. as soon as you get out of the shower. 

No more waiting around in a towel for the bathroom mirror to de-mist! 


4.) Easy to keep clean 

Some worry that with Bluetooth bathroom mirrors they need to be extra-careful when cleaning down the bathroom. However, all of the features that are electronic are housed in a way that ensures you don’t have to worry about cleaning solution ruining the Bluetooth functionality. 

As such, you can continue to clean your bathroom mirror without worrying about damaging the hardware that is installed inside. 


As you can see, then, a Bluetooth bathroom mirror is more than just a gimmick. It can make life much easier for you, whether it is improving visibility in a misty bathroom or setting the perfect mood with lighting and music. So, why not make a wise investment in a Bluetooth bathroom mirror and see the benefits for yourself?  

1 October 2021
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