Creating a Luxury Hotel Bathroom at Home

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There's something magical about hotel bathrooms, they are always sleek, modern and a great space to relax in. Being able to recreate such luxury at home will not only give you the perfect retreat but it will likely add value to your home too.

Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in the home, yet they tend to be neglected in the design stakes. Investing a little time and money to create your dream bathroom is well worth it - just imagine heading home after a hard day at work, safe in the knowledge that there is a modern haven to relax in.

So, what is it about hotel bathrooms? It's likely that the main difference is the general lack of 'stuff''. Hotel bathrooms are clutter free, whilst bathrooms at home seem to accumulate clutter at an alarming rate (if anyone knows where it comes from please let us know!). Keeping on top of it is key, as well as making sure your bathroom has plenty of storage.

Whilst some types of storage can eat into small spaces or even serve to make the room look more cluttered, a modern, mirrored bathroom cabinet will both hide lotions and potions away and look great.

Mirrors are always present in hotel bathrooms and they really make an impact. Usually, because the space is so small, the mirror is large making the space feel much lighter and brighter. If you have the wall space, this is a great trick to try at home, but if you don't there are other options. Rather than simply resting the mirror on the window sill (we've all done it!) make sure to hang it on a wall, this will make the room look tidier, allow more light in from the window and provide a better position to use the mirror. Choose a modern-style, illuminated mirror to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Modern mirrors, tend to be frame-less instantly giving them a sleek, hotel feel and the addition of an extra light source will make the mirror much easier to use, regardless of the time of day and also provide ambient light of relaxing baths.

The other thing about bathrooms in swish hotels are the gadgets. Even something as simple as a shave socket can make life much simpler. It may surprise you to learn that modern mirrors can come with a whole range of pre-installed gadgets to make life just that little bit easier. Illuminated mirrors, which are wired into the electrics, can come which shave sockets, automatic on/off function, demister pads and magnifying mirrors to make shaving and applying make-up a dream.

Of course, once you've transformed your bathroom you might have to consider banning guests or the children from using it!

3 July 2013
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