Creating the perfect family bathroom

The ideal family bathroom is difficult to achieve, not only does it need to be child-friendly, you also want it to be a luxurious relaxing space for the adults too. With three or four people sharing the space it can easily get cluttered, with products, toothbrushes and towels everywhere. But with a few tips and tricks you can create a bathroom fit for the whole family.


The first thing to consider is storage. The very last thing you want when you climb in to a hot bath at the end of the day is to be staring at a mess. Simple storage solutions, such as under sink units or a wall-hung mirrored cabinet are easy to install and can instantly transform your bathroom, even just by hiding the things not used on a daily basis.

Other simple storage solutions like a soap dish or a toothbrush holder make those things that can’t be hidden away much tidier and with a coloured accessory set, provide a gorgeous finishing touch and splash of colour.


Using a large mirror will make the bathroom feel as big and bright as possible, so even if your family bathroom is a little on the small side it won’t feel it. Having a run of people showering each morning can create a lot of mist and a very damp bathroom, airing it helps eventually but that’s useless when someone needs a shave or to but their make-up on. Consider investing in a mirror with a demister pad to eliminate the problem, at the flick of a switch the demister clears the mirror ready for use.

Regardless of the age of your family safety is a key feature. Ensure any electrical items, such as illuminated mirrors, are safe for use in the bathroom and are installed in the right place. It’s also really important to make sure anything hung on the wall is hung properly and safely, so there’s no chance of it falling down.

Fully Tiled

Wet rooms aren’t the most practical for family bathrooms; it’s usually much better to install a bath. However, using tiles over the majority of the space is a great idea, not only will it help prevent damp, they’re also easy to clean!
Family bathrooms don’t have to feel childish though, adding little touches like a colour theme or a chair if you have the space, will make it feel much more grown up. Simply by placing the bath taps on the wall at the centre of the bath you can instantly create a hotel or spa-like feel.

15 May 2013
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