Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Getting your bathroom storage right can transform your bathroom from a cluttered, purely functional space to one that’s multifunctional. This can allow you to relax and unwind in a mess-free environment.

Bathroom storage often boils down to a range of cabinets and drawers. However, there are some additional clever ideas that can add a creative flair to your decor.

Interesting thematic pieces

Your bathroom might be focussed on a colour scheme or focussed on a specific bathroom feature, like a grand bath, for example.

But giving your room a theme can open you up to a range of quirky and different storage options. A nautical theme, for example, provides a large scope. This could simply be a use of light colours and lots of exposed, worn, or bleached wood. Or you could go much further and focus on a deep-sea theme, using an upcycled luggage bag or a tea chest as a set of shelves or a storage solution.

Items, such as an antique or replica diving helmet, can make a great, quirky piece of storage. Hanging nets for storage on a wall can also really play up to the nautical theme.

Unusual storage options

A theme presents lots of options for unusual storage. However, if you want a more traditional look for your bathroom, this doesn’t mean your options are limited.

Different types of shelving and baskets, for example, can create an interesting and versatile storage solution. You can also rearrange your baskets as and when they are needed to provide storage that reflects your needs.

Using baskets of different sizes, shapes and textures can help create different looks too. This also allows you to introduce a variety of colours, letting you provide accents and feature areas to a bathroom. This could provide the splash of colour your bathroom needs to eliminate the stark white, clinical feel that is common in many bathrooms

Movable Storage

You could also consider storage, which can be moved round the bathroom. A small trolley, on castors, can be moved out of the way when giving the kids a bath. Or, if you want to clear out some clutter so you can relax and unwind, it could be removed from the bathroom until you’re finished.

Having storage that could be moved also ties into the idea of adding personality. If you’ve gone for a Hollywood glamour feel, with a large illuminated mirror, you could consider using an old drinks trolley as a moveable storage option, for example.

Bathroom storage can be a fantastic way to personalise your bathroom and impart a greater sense of personality and individuality into your home.

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29 March 2017
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