Everything You Need To Know About Demister Pad Mirrors

Everything You Need To Know About Demister Pad Mirrors

Here at Pebble Grey we specialise in combining convenience with style when it comes to illuminated bathroom mirrors and cabinets. One of our most convenient features of our mirrors and cabinets is considered to be the demister pad feature.

This handy device has the ability to transform your mirror and allows you to carry on with your bathroom routine without any extra hassle. If you aren't familiar with demister pads, or you would like to find out more information, carry on reading this blog for everything you need to know about demister pad mirrors. 

What is a Demister Pad?

A demister pad is a small device that heats up a section of your mirror to prevent the build-up of steam and condensation. Activate the demister pad before, during or after a bath/shower and you are guaranteed to have a lovely, streak-free mirror, ready to use in an instant. Now there's no need to wipe your hand across the cold, wet surface to catch a glimpse of yourself behind the wet streaks on the mirror. 

Demister pads are comprised of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) resistance wire, producing an electric circuit made of enamel-insulated wire. All Pebble Grey mirrors use a slimline demister pad thickness of 0.4mm and are positioned neatly behind the mirror towards the centre for the best effect. The 240V pads also have a lifespan of 8 to 15 years, giving you that extra peace of mind when in the process of purchasing. 

The demister pad heats the surface of the mirror between 8-15 degrees centigrade higher than the room temperature. This occurs in the space of just 15 seconds. The demister pads are made to produce a fixed number of Watts per square meter and so, the device can run consistently and safely on full power without over-heating. 

Value for money is guaranteed at Pebble Grey, meaning there is no need to worry about leaving the demister pad constantly active. Our illuminated bathroom mirrors are uniquely manufactured and designed with 'energy saving' components to maintain a low running cost compared to other illuminated mirrors on the market today.

We hope that this has given you some further information about demister pad mirrors and how safe they are for your bathroom. We would highly recommend introducing this innovative technology to your bathroom to enhance your experience and make your bathroom routine that little bit easier for you and the whole family. Why not take a look through our exclusive range of mirrors with demister pads today and transform your bathroom into a state-of-the-art place of relaxation.

18 January 2019
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