Easy Morning Routine Tips

Easy Morning Routine Tips

Getting out the door on time in the mornings can be a huge task.  Especially when you're rushing to get to work or school and trying to fit in a shower, hair, makeup, and breakfast!  If you have difficulties with your morning routine (like many of us) then here are some tips that can help you make it easier.

1. Saving time in the morning starts the night before

Pick out your outfit for the day, including accessories and footwear, to save you the hassle of trying to pick an outfit while you're half asleep and in a rush.

Shower and wash your hair at night if you can.  This will obviously save you time in the morning and your hair will air dry while you sleep so you can style it with a hot tool like a curling iron or flat iron when you wake up.

Have your lunch made and ready for you to grab on your way out the door.

Set your coffee maker the night before to start brewing when you wake up.

2. Make breakfast quick and easy

It's the most important meal of the day but not many people have time to eat breakfast in the mornings, let alone cook it!

Grabbing some protein like a cheese string and a protein bar will make it easy to eat on your way to work or school and fruits like bananas and apples also travel easily.

Pancakes and egg muffins may be pre-made and microwaved to reheat them in the morning.

3. Make a schedule

Take into account how long it will take you to perform each task in the morning and write out a timed schedule to follow.  This will help you stay on task and know if you're running behind or not.

If you have others in your household like children, a schedule will help them as well to ensure that you're all out the door together and on time.

4. Adjust your timing

It may seem obvious, but if you're constantly 10 minutes late for work or school - wake up 10 minutes earlier!  Or even better, 15 minutes earlier.  Running late can send you into a panic and induce stress hormones that will surely start your day off on the wrong foot.  People who arrive on time or early are generally more relaxed throughout the day.

Waking up on time and not hitting the snooze button over and over is easier said than done!  But having a smooth and stress free morning routine that's made easy with these tips and tricks will start your day out properly.

1 May 2014
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