Five things to avoid when designing your bathroom

We often give you top tips about the right things to do when designing your bathroom here on the Pebble Grey blog, but we don’t often tell you what not to do.

Bathrooms are a complicated business, although they’re often the last room thought about, in terms of design, they tend to be the room that sees most use and therefore experiences the most wear and tear. Getting the design right from the offset is key, both from a lifestyle and longevity point of view.

So here are a few things not to do…

1. Remove all natural light

Obviously you don’t want a floor to ceiling window in your bathroom, you need privacy, but entirely removing natural light or designing your home so your bathroom is in the centre of the house with no access to a window is not ideal. Not only will it make your bathroom free small and dingy, it’ll cause problems with ventilation and damp. If a window on the wall isn’t an option, try adding skylight.

2. Location, location, location

Often your bathroom is where it is, but the last place a bathroom should be is just off a public space. Having a bathroom right next to your dining room or lounge for example is really not ideal and makes for a dreadful view if someone leaves the door open. If you have no choice in the location, try to break up the space between the room and bigger isn't always better the bathroom, perhaps using screens or by adding stud walls.

3. Your toilet isn’t your best feature

We’re taught to accentuate the positives, so why make the toilet the centre focus of the bathroom? In many cases the toilet will be the first thing you see as you enter a bathroom, whereas a shower or a bath is much more aesthetically pleasing!

4. Step away from the tray

A shower doesn’t need to have a tray. Granted the majority of showers come with one, but it is a limiting feature. Losing the tray makes your bathroom feel much bigger, especially if you use the same flooring in the shower as in the rest of the bathroom. It also makes your shower accessible for all; the tray and inevitable step up can make it difficult for the elderly or those with mobility problems to use it.

5. Bigger is better

This is not always the case. Big bathrooms can be expensive to heat and ventilate and with a limit to what you actually need in a bathroom it’s easy for a big space to feel empty. There are some wonderful things you can do with the smallest of bathroom spaces, just make sure you use every trick in the book in order to give it the feel of a bigger bathroom.

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20 November 2013
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