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You may have noticed an increase in grey bathrooms appear on your Instagram or Pinterest feed recently, especially the use of grey tiles and furniture within bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. This is because grey is one of those beautiful, neutral tones that will never go out of style, and it is known that a neutral tone bathroom can easily add a touch of sophistication to your home.

Grey Bathroom

Of course, there are many neutral tones you could choose from when renovating your bathroom, so why choose grey?

Well, one great benefit of these shades is that you have the possibility of changing your accent colour more often. If your walls, floors and fittings are all grey, then you have the ability to change the colour of your bathroom accessories including towels, decor and storage options more frequently.

Recently, we have been loving the grey and mustard/yellow combination! If you have grey wall tiles and white furniture, maybe add some colourful towels or some faux flowers for decoration. The possibilities truly are endless...

Grey Bathroom interior with mustard
Grey Bathroom Tiles

Another benefit of choosing grey is down to the continuous trend for sleek, modern bathrooms. Grey works perfectly in minimalist settings, complementing the look of smooth, contemporary surfaces and giving the room a sophisticated feel.

Shades of Grey Tiles
White and Grey Bathroom Interiors

Like any neutral, grey could potentially wash out a room if the wrong shades are used, but get it right and you’ll understand why grey is the nation's go-to theme for a bathroom.

Visit our Pinterest board for the Best of Grey Bathrooms and get inspired today!

Here's a sneak peek of what can be found on our Pinterest board - Grey Bathrooms

Grey Bathroom Interiors
Grey Bathroom Unit with Grey Tiles
17 April 2019
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