House Tips: How To Clean A Stained Toilet

There’s nothing more unsightly than a stained toilet and toilet hygiene is important for our health as well as for the health of our bathrooms.  Keeping the bath and wash basin clean is relatively easy, especially if you bathe every day.  It’s just a matter of swiping around with some abrasive cleaner on a bathroom sponge when you’ve let the bathwater out and then showering away the residue.  This literally only takes a minute or so and it’s easy to do while the bath is still wet.

Before you rinse the sponge clean, use the rest to swish around the basin and you’re done.  If you keep a microfibre cloth in the bathroom, then use it to polish up the taps and the whole bathroom will look as if it’s just been cleaned.  Taking care of these tasks daily in this way prevents the bathroom from getting properly dirty in the first place and then you can do a once a week clean of floors, tiles and other surfaces and your bathroom will always be clean and presentable which is an important consideration when you have unexpected guests.  The last thing you want when somebody pops to the loo is to be worrying about the state of your bathroom.

However, if your toilet bowl is badly stained already, then getting rid of the staining could present a bit of a challenge.  For normal staining, there are several quick fix remedies you could use:

    • Pour a can of Coke down the loo, making sure you trickle it down the sides, then leave for an hour before flushing.

    • Use a denture tablet – dissolve it in some boiling water, pour down the loo and leave for a couple of hours (or overnight if possible) before flushing.

  • Use a dedicated toilet cleaner – squirt under the rim and allow it to trickle down.  Again, leave for as long as possible before flushing.

For harder to shift stains, you may need to use bleach or a high strength lime scale remover.  Again, leave for as long as possible before scrubbing with a toilet brush and then flushing away.  Really stubborn stains may take several attempts before the stains are banished.  It’s worth trying some of the tablet style toilet cleaners available in supermarkets for a deep cleanse – you pop one in the toilet bowl and leave for as long as possible before scrubbing with the loo brush then flushing.

It’s worth mentioning that if you are having problems removing the stains, then using the cleaner before you go out for the day and leaving it to work for 8 hours or so is always worth a try.

If all else fails, it’s time to get down and get dirty.  You’ll need to break out your Marigolds and equip yourself with a bucket and a plastic cup.  Put on the rubber gloves and then use the plastic cup to empty all the water from the toilet bowl (or as much of it as possible).  Then pour some bleach or lime scale remover into the toilet bowl until you cover the stained areas.  Leave the solution to work its magic for as long as possible before scrubbing with an old dishwashing brush with stiff bristles (you’ll need to throw this away when you’ve finished).  This should get rid of the most stubborn stains and leave you with a sparkling clean loo.

Don’t forget that toilet brushes need to be kept clean too – you can do this by soaking in vinegar and hot water (or a sterilising tablet dissolved in water) once every few weeks.  Your toilet brush really should be replaced on a regular basis too – they are so cheap nowadays that this is easily affordable for everybody.

3 April 2014
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