How an illuminated mirror can make your bathroom look bigger

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Lots of us dream of having a spacious bathroom but, the reality is a lot of us have to compromise on space. Despite what we see on social media, bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house. There are many cost-effective ways of creating more space without having to make more room. Adding simple accessories, space-saving solutions and, creative furnishings can be all you need to help your bathroom reach its full potential. A bathroom mirror can be the perfect accompaniment to expand a small space and trick the eye into thinking your bathroom is much larger than it is. Deciding on how you want to maximise your space is not always easy, but we have collated some of our favourite types of mirrors that create the illusion of space.

Backlit LED Mirrors

Backlit LED Mirrors are a perfect alternative to redesigning your bathroom. If you’re looking to expand the look of your room, investing in an illuminated backlit mirror is a great way to start.  Radiating warmth, backlit lighting not only creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere but, it adds a layer of depth to your space. A bathroom mirror with dimension altering light reduces the risks of shadows and this, in turn, casts a bright illumination that expands the look of your room. Backlit LEDs cast a soft, even glow across the outline of the mirror that can catch the eye and focus people’s attention.  As well as alluring the eye, these types of mirrors are slimmer and therefore do not add bulk to your space. Shop our stunning backlit mirror range here.


Circular Mirrors

Circular mirrors are fast becoming a popular trend for modern and contemporary bathrooms but, did you know they can vastly expand the look of your bathroom? Rounded mirrors are prevalent today as people begin to expand their design horizons. In terms of expanding your space, a circular mirror is a perfect way to amplify the look of your bathroom without the cost of rearranging. Rounded illuminated mirrors create a unique focal point that takes your focus off the true size of the room. For those of us with low, sloping ceilings and limited wall space, a circular mirror can help to double the size of your space. Their unique shape takes up significantly less room than rectangular mirrors to ensure they can fit into cramped spaces that would usually be redundant. Browse our round and circular range.

Circular LED bathroom mirror with hanging belt and black frame

Space Saving Solutions

A logical and popular way to maximise space is to add a mirrored cabinet to your bathroom. Illuminated bathroom cabinets offer plenty of extra storage space off the floor and can be positioned at the perfect height above the sink for easy access and to make your routine easier. Cabinets undoubtedly provide effective storage solutions but, they can also reduce the need for other bathroom furniture such as vanity units and shower caddies that can add clutter and make it difficult to clean around. A mirrored bathroom cabinet can be used to store all your essential toiletries and usually takes up less room than these alternatives. Furthermore, a bathroom mirror with shelving can provide additional storage solutions without adding bulk. We also stock some recessable cabinet solutions that don't take up any additional space in the air! Bathroom mirrors with shelves can also be used for storing items or decoration without adding the depth of a cabinet, if you are updating a cloakroom toilet or en-suite.

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Spacious bathroom cabinet with two glass shelves

Adding a decorative yet functional illuminated mirror to expand your space is, overall, inexpensive compared to the alternatives. If you're looking to create the illusion of space in your bathroom, these are just some of how adding a mirror is the perfect solution. Of course, there are many ways to maximise your small bathroom; these include minimising clutter and opting for bright colours. For more inspiration, look at our new range of mirrors that can expand the look of your room.

16 June 2021
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