How to clean a Bathroom Mirror

It can be quite unpleasant peering through a dirty, marked mirror, during a trip to the bathroom, whether you’re washing in the morning or cleaning your teeth before bed.

So how can you really clean a bathroom mirror so that it sparkles? How do you get rid of those irritating stains, a build-up of limescale, and avoid any streaks? That’s where this blog aims to help.

First all of all, here are the cleaning tools you’ll need:

• A bucket
• Two cotton cleaning rags – preferably a flat-weave microfiber cloth. This helps to stop debris clinging to the cloth and creates a lint-free finish
• Rubbing alcohol
• A cotton pad for the alcohol
• Hot water, or distilled rather than tap water – this prevents mineral deposits being left on your mirror
• White vinegar
• An empty spray bottle, if you have one

Preparing to clean your mirror

Start by wetting the surface of your mirror. Now create a cleaning solution by mixing one part of white vinegar, with four parts water – so one cup of vinegar to every four cups of water – in your bucket. You can use a glass cleaner, but this solution is cheap and safe and should cut through the build-up of dirt on your mirror.

Fill the spray bottle with the solution and spray this on to the cleaning cloth. If you don’t have a bottle, dip your cleaning cloth into the solution in your bucket and wring out any excess fluid. If your mirror is quite large, you can spray the solution onto the mirror instead.

Now fold your cloth twice over, so it’s a quarter off the cloth’s full size. This allows you to use different sides of the cloth as it fills up with dirt when you’re cleaning the mirror. You can also open it and use the inside of the cloth once the outside part is dirty.

Cleaning your bathroom mirror

Now it’s time to start cleaning. It’s best to go from top to bottom – to help stop the appearance of drip marks – and wipe from side to side or up and down – to avoid streaks. When cleaning:

• Make sure you pay close attention to any contours or crevices, which is where grime can build up.

• Try using a soft cotton swab or tooth brush to effectively clean the mirror’s edges and corners

• For dealing with trouble spots use the rubbing alcohol. It’s best to wet your cotton pad with the alcohol and then remove each spot one at a time. Try to do this as swiftly as possible because rubbing alcohol evaporates very quickly.

• Change your viewing angle of the mirror to check for any spots or streaks you may have missed.

Finally, finish by drying and buffing your mirror with your second cleaning cloth. And, look, your mirror has never looked better!

Cleaning a very dirty mirror

When cleaning a heavily stained mirror it’s good to assess its condition first. This is because it may have accumulated tough grime, which is more difficult to remove, such as limescale.

Your white vinegar mix should be able to get rid of calcium deposits (slightly rough textured spots), while limescale can be removed using pickling vinegar, lemon juice, or lime juice. This should be tackled before those smaller marks and stains to really make your mirror shine.

A mirror to make your bathroom sparkle

A sparkling clean, well-designed, high-quality mirror can be the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom and add some style and character to your home. To take a look at the extensive range we offer at Pebble Grey, visit our Bathroom Mirrors page.

3 November 2016
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