How to prepare your wardrobe for the winter

We hate to admit it but it’s getting towards that time when the days get shorter, the temperatures plummet and, if the sun’s putting any sort of a hat on it’s going to be a woolly one. Don’t get caught out by the cold, make sure your wardrobe is winter-ready with our handy guide.

Clear the Decks

First things first, you’re going to need to apply this rule to your wardrobe: out with the hot, in with the cool. All the best fashionistas have a swap-over period where summer clothes get packed away and winter clothes come out to play. This’ll give you plenty of space for your new seasonal outfits, not to mention doing away with the depressing task of rummaging through summer dresses and floral shorts to reach that woolly jumper.

Changeover Time

Before we get to winter, we have to go through Awkward Autumn. There’s nothing more tricky than dressing for one of those days where the weather can turn from sunny to torrential downpours in minutes. Your best bet in these circumstances is to get yourself a classic lightweight mac. A perfect match for both casual and dressy outfits, macs are favoured by both celebs and style icons alike for their timeless appeal and their fab practicality.


Of course, when it really starts to get chilly, you mind find that the mac that was so perfect for sunny showers suddenly won’t suffice. When it comes to real winter weather, you can’t go wrong with investing in a good coat. A high quality coat in the right style could see you through several winters, not to mention keep you cosy on those bitter mornings. Statements coats are huge for winter ‘14 so, whether you want to glam it up in a faux fur creation or snuggle your way through the cold in a hot new ‘blanket’ coat, it’s time to get shopping.


Over the summer, lots of our favourite winter accessories get packed into the backs of cupboards and it can be easy to lose bits on the way. Instead of getting dressed one cold morning only to find you’ve lost one of your favourite gloves, have a rifle through your winter accessories now. This means that, if you do need to buy replacements, you’ll have everything ready in case of surprise snow.

Get Dressed in the Dark

Above all else, make sure your winter wardrobe is a capsule one. This means that you have lots of items that mix and match well, one or two pairs of warm boots that go with everything, and plenty of woollies in chic, neutral colours. There’s nothing worse than getting ready to leave the house on a dark and freezing morning but a capsule wardrobe will allow you to pull together that perfect winter outfit before you get frostbite.

18 August 2014
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