How to Speed Clean Your Bathroom in Five Minutes (and Do a Good Job)

Speed cleaning is awesome. Especially for those of us who hate to clean and put it off until the last minute. With a tiny bit of planning and preparation, your bathroom can be clean and fresh in only five minutes.

Grab Supplies and Prepare

Use a bucket, basket, or bin to carry the items you need for cleaning to the bathroom, along with your broom and dustpan.

For cleaning, you will need:

    • Small plastic bag for trash and used wipes
    • Vinegar for the toilet (or toilet cleaner)
    • Disinfectant wipes to speed up your cleaning
    • All-purpose spray cleaner
    • Spray window cleaner for the mirrors
    • Broom and dustpan
    • Room freshener

Turn on all the lights so you can see what really needs cleaning. Also, turn on the fan so that your bathroom can air out as you clean. Use your senses to determine areas that need cleaning – look with your eyes and smell with your nose.

Clean toilet

Pour vinegar or toilet bowl cleaner in the toilet. Let it sit while you use wipes on back, sides, front, and seat (top and bottom) of toilet. Using a toilet brush, brush the toilet bowl and the inside rim, then flush.

A small hand towel folded to fit the top of the toilet tank lid is a nice addition. Top with an open scented candle for added freshness.

Clean shower/tub

Spray floor and sides of shower and/or tub with all-purpose cleaner and rinse. Close shower curtain. If you have a glass door, spritz the inside with either all-purpose or window cleaner and wipe with paper towels. Wipe edges of tub and/or shower with a disinfectant wipe.


Smell the towels. If they need replacing, do so. If not, simply straighten the towels. Get out fresh guest towels.

Empty the trash can into your plastic bag. Use a disinfectant wipes to get any spots off the outside of the trashcan and, if necessary, clean the inside as well.

Put away any items you do not need to have out in order to de-clutter your counter tops. This is also a good time to throw away any mostly-used toothpaste tubes, lotion bottles, etc.


Use disinfectant wipes on sinks, counter tops, and faucets to removing all dirt and water spots. Use another wipe to wipe off anything on the counter that needs cleaning. Dry and shine counters with paper towels.

Use window cleaner on mirrors, drying with paper towels.


Remove the rugs, by rolling them up to avoid making floors dirtier. Shake them outside.

Sweep the floor and use dustpan, putting the gathered debris into your plastic bag.

Spot wipe the floor if necessary with a few wipes, paying particular attention to the corners and around the toilet.

Replace rugs.


Use a room freshener spray or, if you have none, a few spritzes of perfume will work.

Turn off the lights and fan. If you wish, light a scented candle. Grab your cleaning supplies and trash bag. Your bathroom should look fresh, inviting, and ready for guests.

22 April 2014
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