Iconic interior design trends over the decades

We've been thinking of the most iconic interior design trends over the decades. A lot has changed over the last 60 years, but one thing is for sure. Trends and fads are constantly coming back into fashion. We've picked out some of the best and worst trends from the 1950s, some which have made it's way back into fashion, and others that will never see the light of day again!


Thinking of 1950s interior design trends is easy - just think Mad Men! Mid-Century modern is making a huge come back at the moment, with not only vintage and original furnishings are readily available to buy, but also retro styled and new pieces made in the style of the era are flooding the market.


The 'swinging' 60s was the decade that saw a huge change in the materials and shapes used in interior design. With huge shifts in fashion and art, with the likes of Mary Quant and Op Art, home furnishings were all about bright colours, London calling and restyled art noveau.


As we moved into the 1970s, we saw a more bohemian style becoming mainstream. Earth tones and inspired by nature, popular colours included oranges, yellows and purples as well as geometric shapes.


By the start of the 80s we began to see a turn towards modernism as we know it, although not completely. First came the chints. Loud patterns and prints, as we now recognise as grandma-like, were actually the done thing. More tastefully, the end of the decade saw a turn towards modernism, with geometric shapes and neutral, subtle colour schemes.


The 1990s saw a shift towards what we recognise as being more normal and close to todays style, although there were still trends that we don't particularly live with today. Pine furniture was huge back in the 1990s, Clean, minimalist styles starting to come into place and we can also (begrudgingly) attribute the rise of the union jack into interior design to this decade too.

2000s - present

Throughout the naughties we saw a big step away from minimalism, towards being more brave with colours. We embraced retro, vintage and colourful styles to mismatch and create an interesting and inhabited space. It's hard to tell what we will see in interior design years from now, but we like to think that we are in the midst of an amazing decade!

29 January 2016
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