Interior Design: Are "Smart Homes" the future?

Interior Design: Are "Smart Homes" the future?

It's safe to say that we are technology reliant. Relying constantly on our phones and computers to update ourselves on what's going on around us - and finding out what others are up to at the same time. With ever-growing technology controlling the way we communicate, could it be that it will soon change the way we live within our own home?

The Openarch project from Spanish architecture firm Think Big Factory have combined technology with interior design to potentially sculpt the way we live. Throughout the house, every surface is interactive - and Openarch is the first ever home that uses a digital layer to connect the house to the internet. It isn't a computer generated plan of a smart home, but a genuine prototype that exists!

Everything can be controlled by hand movements, switching on the lights; turning on any electrical household appliances; music; even connecting to Skype for a conference from any part of the house. Once connected to the internet, any device can be managed and switched on and off from anywhere in the world, and even controlled by mobile phone, tablet, or from any device which is connected to the internet! Certainly an interesting concept for the future of our homes!


IKEA also released a concept for the future of a kitchen, envisioning how it will look in 2025! The concept revolves around technology and changing the way we use our kitchen. The table is designed to operate as multi surfaces - a place to eat as well as utilising an in built hob that can change temperature and a graphic display that shows different recipes when leftover fruits and vegetables are placed on it.

They also showcased plans to get rid of fridges, which they are stating "Hides foods". They have designed a futuristic storage facility which places our ingredients in plastic boxes at the right temperature so we can see what we have - cutting down on food waste. This keeps our food visible and makes us mindful of what we can eat. Not only that, but they have envisioned the changing of how we dispose of our waste. They are planning to implement waste disposal technology with a colour ordinated system which helps us be more mindful of what we are throwing away. Cans, bottles and containers will be crushed and then vacuum packed and sealed in a bio-polymer tube. A thermo-printed label records what we’ve disposed of and potential future uses.

These are certainly great ideas and visions of how we live in our homes, but whether we're ready to implement this technology into our daily lives is still yet to be seen!

15 July 2015
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