Interior Illusions: Making a Bathroom Look Bigger

Creating natural light, installing smart furniture solutions and owning a well thought out colour scheme are some of the key aspects to help maximise the space you have available and to give the illusion your bathroom is much bigger. Natural light accentuates what the room already has to offer. However, many small bathrooms have one tiny window or none at all. The use of strategically placed mirrors will reflect plenty of light and create the illusion of a much airier, brighter and bigger space.

Place a mirror opposite a light source; it will bounce light around the room and will make it feel much larger too as it will reflect the surroundings and suggest that the room extends far further than it actually does. The bigger the mirror, the more space is reflected and the larger the room feels. However, small bathrooms can hold a lot of condensation, so we suggest purchasing a mirror with a demisting system to allow it to clear as quickly as possible. A well-placed mirror can add meters onto a small bathroom.

Place a long, thin mirror on its side or upright, and it will instantly add length to any wall or height to any ceiling. An illuminated mirror is even better. We suggest a landscape mirror, with lighting all the way around the edge. A mirrored cabinet can also be an effective way to create a brighter, larger illusion of space, as well as increasing storage space. 

Illuminated mirror cabinets can be even more effective. Some of our multifunctional bathroom cabinets include an illuminated mirror, motion sensor, demister and shaver socket, helping to save even more space. A well-designed bathroom utilises every bit of space on offer.

Consider using corners for basins, storage or a corner bath to eliminate any dead space. Placing a corner basin opposite a window with a mirror above not only stretches a space but also lightens up the room. If you’re looking for a more minimalist solution, then we suggest a floating basin! 

By opting for a free standing bath that displays plenty of flooring, you can give the illusion of having more floor space. You can also opt for a short but deep bath design, for both more space and comfort. For ease of getting in and out of small baths, add high taps to allow plenty of room to manoeuvre in and out. Subtle stripes are an effective way to elongate a room. Vertical stripes will make the room feel taller, horizontal stripes will do the same for the length.

Consider using horizontal cladding on your bath for added effect. Allow the colour scheme and patterns of the bathroom furniture to work with the space. Dark colours make a space feel smaller. Consider a neutral or pastel colour scheme, and use bright or patterned details, such as bathroom accessories and towels to inject the suitable amount of colour.

24 April 2018
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