International Day of Happiness March 20th; Get the Most Out of Your Smile

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Smiling is beneficial to both the person smiling and the person receiving the smile. A smile makes you feel happy and initiates a positive reaction from those to whom your smile is given. Smiling also helps your appearance. A smiling person always looks better than a frowning one.

A smile can be heard in a person’s voice. Those in customer service learn to smile, even when delivering bad news. A smile actually changes the timber and tone of one’s voice. Even more important, smiling in the right situation has the great power to make you more charming, sensitive, and friendly.

When you smile, people will look at your mouth. I once knew a woman who seemed to never smile. I thought at first she was just tremendously sad. Then we went to lunch one day and I noticed she used her napkin frequently to cover her mouth and did not talk very much. I became aware that she was uncomfortable with her teeth. I’ve never been good at ignoring problems, so I asked her about it. She confessed she hated her teeth and almost never smiled. I suggested braces and maybe some cosmetic bonding. She took my advice and ended up with a stunning smile and a reputation of a really happy person. Keep your mouth clean, your teeth shiny, and get professional help if you need it. Her smile changed her life and your smile can change yours, also.

Have you ever had someone take a picture of you smiling and had the impression you look like a half-wit? I have. My smile is crooked. Really! And no matter how much I try, it remains that way. I don’t like my smile, but apparently it is okay to others – I have never had any complaints. The fact that one side of my mouth goes up higher than the other is not as noticeable when I grin, but then I look as if I have something nasty tasting in my mouth. I finally gave up trying to find the perfect smile and just smile away thinking happy thoughts about the person or situation. I don’t know if I look better, but it feels okay.

Your smile must be genuine. A genuine smile is accompanied by a general glow and smiling eyes. To have a genuine smile, think about the following:

    • Things that make you feel good – your favorite color, food, friend, or past-time.
    • The positive things that are happening in your life.
    • One positive thing about the situation or person you are dealing with.
    • Someone or something you really love or have loved.
    • Something you are grateful for.

Practice your smile while looking in the mirror. When you find a smile you like, think about how it feels so you can duplicate it when the next smiling occasion presents itself.

Smile often. The more you smile, the better you will be at doing so. Smile at people you come in contact with during the normal course of your day – the cashier at the bank, the checkout person at the supermarket, the mailman, your children and husband. Smile with your eyes as well as your mouth. To do so, you need to think happy thoughts.

A smile is powerful and can open many doors.  If you are uncomfortable with yours, do what you can to improve it. But remember, in the end, the importance is to make sure you smile often, are genuine, and take joy in knowing your smile can make someone’s day.

20 March 2014
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