Best lighting for bathroom mirrors

Best lighting for bathroom mirrors

Getting the right lighting for your bathroom mirror can be tricky. While it should serve a purpose such as to shave or apply makeup, the lighting should also fit with the atmosphere of the room. As more people tend to spend longer in the bathroom, from morning grooming routines to evening pampering, you should be surrounded by pleasant, comforting light to create a gentle yet convenient feel to the room.

This blog post will explain the key types of lighting you should use to optimise your bathroom mirror and improve your bathroom experience altogether.

Key types of lighting

There are different types of lighting that can help you get the best from an interior space. When it comes to lighting for your bathroom mirror, a combination of different types can give you the best outcome. These include:

    • Task
    • Accent
    • Decorative
  • Each type of lighting works in a specific way, but have the ability to complement each other in a simplistic and effortless way.

Task Lighting

This is lighting that’s designed for a specific purpose, allowing you to complete a task (as the name suggests), like using a mirror. The lighting is especially important with a bathroom mirror, as most people use it for precise tasks that require good lighting, such as shaving or applying makeup.

Examples of task lighting could include lights placed around a tall bathroom mirror or spotlights fitted to the ceiling above a mirror to help light it from above.

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting is designed and positioned to focus on a particular object or an area of a space. Used well in a bathroom it can draw attention to your stylish fittings and fixtures, like a mirror. It can also provide another layer of light to soften the shadows and bring a relaxed atmosphere to the room.

Examples of accent lighting could include light fittings directed at a bathroom mirror to accentuate its features and size while reducing the appearance of shadows on a person’s face when they look in it.

The stunning Globe LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror creates a 'backlight' illusion to soften the atmosphere around the product and add a touch of elegance to the room.

Decorative Lighting

This is lighting that’s used to decorate a space, create a sense of style and make it stand out and shine. For this reason, the design and look of a light fixture can be just as important with this lighting as the quality of the light itself.
Examples of decorative lighting for a bathroom mirror could include a prominent light that adds character to the room, whilst matching the style of your mirror, or a stylish set of lights, incorporated into the design of a mirror.

This sleek Maya LED Illuminated Bathroom Mirror features tiny LED lights dotted around the edge to create an illuminated frame for your face, providing you with convenience, efficiency and style! 

Bathroom mirrors with lighting

With all this in mind, getting the lighting right for your bathroom mirror does involve quite a bit of thought. You should aim to make sure task lighting is applied well so the mirror can be used effectively, that the right areas of the mirror are accentuated, while the quality of decorative lighting makes the mirror an attractive feature, adding to the look and feel of your bathroom.

At Pebble Grey, we offer a series of stylish LED Illuminated Mirrors, which have lights fitted in the glass, helping you to achieve all of the above, whilst making your bathroom gleam. To take a look at our impressive range, please visit our Illuminated Mirrors web page.

23 October 2018
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