Revitalising the look of a bathroom

Changing how a room looks doesn’t need to involve an extensive (and potentially costly) renovation. A bathroom, in particular, can be brought up to date with a few simple tweaks and subtle changes.

We run through the main ways, which, with some simple tweaks, can revitalise how your bathroom looks.


Adding a simple change of colour is one way to spruce up your bathroom. It can tweak the entire feel of the room. Any change in colour can also be tied together with the rest of the room, just by changing the colour of your accessories.

For instance, you could fit a blind or shower curtain with a different colour, or hang up towels that have a more striking colour than your current ones.

If you want to go further, you could replace your bathroom tiles with a different colour – perhaps a set that are brighter than those you currently have. You could create or repaint a feature wall with a more vibrant colour too.


If the lighting in your bathroom is getting a bit dull and tired, it could make your bathroom look darker and less inviting.

Updating your lighting can literally brighten up a room. This could be as simple as using LED bulbs with a higher luminosity, or by changing a light fitting to a design that utilises more bulbs. You could also rework the entire lighting set up in your bathroom to create more light.

It’s possible to change how bright your bathroom appears by utilising any natural light too. Careful placement of a mirror, for instance, can help direct natural light coming through a window and help a bathroom look brighter during the day.

Fixtures and Fittings

Like changing the colours of your bathroom, replacing some of the fixtures and fittings can update the styling of the space and subtly change its appearance.

You could fit your bath and sink with taps that have a style that’s more modern than those currently installed. Or replace your bathroom cabinet, which has chrome-plated handles, with one that has a brushed metal design. Alternatively, a mirrored cabinet can add style, while reflecting colour and light into your bathroom.

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1 December 2016
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