Scream Queens - Hollywood's most beautiful Halloween inspirations

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As the scariest night of the year draws ever closer, there’s no better place to look than the silver screen for the perfect Halloween inspiration. Film history is packed with inspiring beauty looks and costume ideas that we can’t get enough of -- just call it Hollyween!


Black Swan

There’s no doubt about it, Black Swan is a scary film but what’s not scary is Natalie Portman’s range of stunning beauty looks throughout the story. Our favourite is the classic ‘Black Swan’ look, a perfect blend of haute couture and ‘haute damn, that’s terrifying’! To mimic this look, start with a very pale base before gradually building up the striking extreme winged eye in black and silver. Finish off with a wine-stained lip et voila! You’re ready to swan off to that Halloween party.


One of Elizabeth Taylor’s most iconic roles, Cleopatra’s striking makeup look is a beautiful way to glam up your Halloween costume. Start with some nifty bronze contouring before decorating eyes with a deep blue or turquoise shadow and Cleo’s signature eyeliner. Got a fancy Halloween party to attend? You can even add gold leaf to your lids if you really want to walk like an Egyptian.

Morticia Adams

The queen of gothic chic, there’s nobody better to turn to than Morticia if you want a sleek and stylish Halloween look. Smoky eyes, bright red lips and poker straight hair are all you need to copy this simple style -- except perhaps a little clever contouring if you don’t happen to possess Mrs Addams’ enviable cheekbones.

Mia Wallace

A costume favoured by cult film fans, Pulp Fiction’s Mia has one of the most recognisable looks around. Her simple nineties makeup is easy to replicate -- just got for a pale base, red lips and a thin line of cat-flick eyeliner -- but you might need to purchase a wig if you don’t already boast her iconic hair ‘do. Top Tip: this costume will improve tenfold if you learn Mia’s infamous restaurant routine and find yourself a John Travolta to dance with.

14 October 2014
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