The Dos and Don’ts of Minimal Bathroom Interiors

The Dos and Don’ts of Minimal Bathroom Interiors

You’ve seen them in magazines and you’ve made up your mind; you want to kit out your home with a high-end minimalist bathroom. Before you go diving in though, check out our guide to the dos and don’ts of this tricky bathroom style.


Pick a Theme

If you take a look at some of the best minimal bathrooms, you’ll notice that they all have a theme. Whether it’s a certain shade, a type of stone or a type of wood, it’s important to pick one aspect that you can use throughout the bathroom to unify the whole design.

Opt for Eye-catching Shapes

Minimalist bathrooms are all about smooth, bold lines. Look to sharp rectangular baths or bowl-shaped sinks mounted on wooden or stone plinths.

Think Outside the Box

The best way to create the ultimate minimal bathroom is to fight against everything traditional. Bring quirky, simplistic pieces of furniture into the bathroom; egg-shaped standalone pod baths make for a great and unusual focal point.

Take Advantage of Lighting

The most successful minimal bathrooms are nothing short of atmospheric and lighting is the best way to create atmosphere. Natural light works best at creating a fresh and bright interior but, if you can’t fit a stylish skylight, a set of well-placed downlights can transform your bathroom just as efficiently.

Look to Nature

While you might associate minimal bathrooms with lots of chrome accessories and white plastic, introducing natural elements can work just as well. Rough stone, bare wood and plants are great for giving bathrooms a minimal, raw vibe while teaming these with the aforementioned chrome accessories will create an industrial feel that complements minimalism perfectly.


Over Clutter

It should go without saying but minimal means minimal! You want to keep decorations and accessories pared back as much as possible to let the design do the talking, so no patterned bath mats or novelty toilet seat covers.

Choose Classic Pieces

As we said before, minimal bathrooms are all about strong lines and unusual pieces so forget Victoriana clawed baths and ornate brass taps. This look is modern all the way.

Let Space Hold You Back

Many pictures of minimal bathrooms show huge open spaces but the design actually works very well on smaller bathrooms as the simplistic and light-filled style is great at making small spaces feel bigger.

Box Yourself In

That being said, you have to be clever about how you use your space. Open-plan design is key and minimal bathrooms use lots of glass and mirrors to create a feeling of roominess; time to chuck that opaque shower curtain in the bin!

Forget Colour

Just because minimal bathrooms tend to use muted colours to maximise the feeling of space, doesn’t mean you need to ditch colour entirely. One line of brightly coloured tiles around a bath or shower can draw attention to a feature while not appearing too cluttered. If you’re going with a natural vibe, bringing plenty of plants into the bathroom will also help to brighten it up.

15 May 2013
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