Top Five Best Hair Brushes on the Market Right Now

Top Five Best Hair Brushes on the Market Right Now
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You might have a favourite hairstyle but do you know your hair style? When it comes to picking a hair brush you need to know what your mane needs if you’re going to find the perfect tools to achieve that ‘do. Are you long and easily-tangled? Wild and in need of taming? Check out our handy hair brush guide to see where you fit; simply choose your hair type to find the brand new love of your life.

Lank and Limp

Does your barnet need a bit more body? If your hair tends to fall flat then volume is the key when you blow dry and there’s no better way to achieve it than with a Spornette Porcupine round brush. Widely agreed to be the best round brush in the business, Spornette’s natural boar bristles give you smooth and bouncy body without damaging your hair.

Thick and Unbrushable

If you’ve got naturally thick hair, you might be used to envious stares but you also know the pain of trying to drag a normal hair brush all the way through your locks. Luckily you can now say goodbye to that bird’s nest at the nape of your neck with help from the Y.S. Park YS-701 brush. Designed especially for people with very thick hair, the YS-701 has extra-long bristles that’ll work their way through your mane with no trouble.

Thin and Flyaway

If the merest hint of moisture in the air sends your ‘do into a frizzy panic, the Denman flat grooming brush is the tool for you. Crafted with a blend of nylon and boar bristles, this brush is designed to smooth out frizz-prone hair without leaving it looking dull and lifeless.

Wild and Wavy

If you have very coarse hair or naturally tight curls, the very idea of brushing might strike you as madness, Until that is, you discover ceramic hair brushes. Essentially a heatable hair brush, these tools can be used to style even the wildest of manes into your choice of smooth and straight or gorgeously curly. Ceramic Tools’ round brushes and the Spornette Prego range are both big favourites.

Long and Tangly

From sore neck to tender scalps, the list of ailments suffered by girls with easily-tangled hair is endless. If it normally takes you hours to get through all the knots in your locks, let us introduce you to the Tangle Teezer. A revolutionary product that has taken the hair world by storm, this nifty brushing tool is designed with bristles of all different lengths that tease out tangles without pulling or breaking your hair. Loved by professional hairstylists and supermodels alike, this is one brush that might just change your life.

27 August 2014
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