Which Ornaments and Accessories Look Great in Bathrooms?

Which Ornaments and Accessories Look Great in Bathrooms?

You’ve chosen your tiles, you’ve found the perfect sink and you’ve fallen in love with your new bath. It may feel like your bathroom is complete but what about those all-important finishing touches? Choosing the right ornaments for your bathroom can take it from plain to perfect. Here are some of the trendiest accessories around:

Wall Hooks

Whether they’re modern chrome or chintzy white, wall hooks are all over this year’s trendiest bathrooms. Super handy for hanging towels, flannels and dressing gowns, hooks can even be used to suspend baskets and crates for a bit of extra storage.


As the world becomes increasingly eco-friendly, more and more people are starting to embrace natural decorations in their homes. Plantlife can be introduced into the bathroom in many shapes and forms, from a simple pot plant to whole living walls of greenery. If you don’t have a lot of space, try hollowing out some old wine corks and planting tiny succulents in the middle then attaching them to the walls. These don’t need a lot of maintenance and can bring a fresh vibrancy to your bathroom for a very low cost.

Natural Wood

Talking of nature, many of the most stylish new bathrooms also incorporate lots of natural wood accessories. Driftwood is a particular favourite and can be used to frame mirrors for a lovely beach cabin vibe. Roughly chopped logs can be also be used as stools or tables while wooden bowls and trays are great for storing toiletries.

Wall Decals

Wall decals have been all over interior decor trends lists recently but are particularly great for adding interest to plain bathrooms. Endlessly versatile, decals can come in all shapes and sizes from floral designs to famous works of art. Just be careful to choose a water-resistant product to avoid the dreaded peel.


With the latest trend for spa-like bathrooms coming into effect, candles are fast becoming the trendiest bathroom accessory. Lending any bathtime an instant spa vibe, aromatherapy candles are especially good for bathrooms as they can work as great air fresheners as well as providing a relaxing atmosphere.

17 February 2015
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