Do all your mirrors and cabinets come with all the necessary wall fixings?
All mirrors and cabinets come complete with fixings if you are planning on installing the mirror onto a solid wall. If your wall is plasterboard, we recommend that 'Redi-Driver' and/or 'Gripit' fixings are bought to fix securely to a wall of this type...
Can I charge my phone on the Fusion mirror QI wireless charging dock when my phone is in a phone case?
No, we recommend removing your phone case to use the wireless charging pad.
I am not installing my mirror/cabinet immediately upon receipt. How do I test my item to ensure it is working?
To test your LED mirrored product, we recommend connecting the wire on the back of the unit to a standard 3A UK 3-pin plug to test the item, if you or your electrician is waiting to install the item in the bathroom.
How do I dim this mirror?
Simply hold your hand close under the sensor and the mirror will dim. Once it has reached its dimmest it will then increase brightness. Remove your hand once it has reached the desired brightness.
How do I adjust the glass shelves in the Grace cabinets?
Simply push the shelf brackets into the holes at your desired shelf height. The glass shelves can then be placed on top of these brackets.
Will my cabinet arrive fully assembled?
Yes, all our cabinets will arrive with you securely packaged and fully assembled. We design all of our items with easy installation in mind. The item will just need to be fixed in place, wired in, and shelf brackets and shelves slotted internally at...
Is the demister pad energy efficient?
Our illuminated and LED mirrors and cabinets are uniquely manufactured and designed using energy-saving components to maintain a low running cost, so you do not have to worry about leaving the demister pad and LEDs active for considerable periods.
How can I tell how bright my mirror or cabinet will actually be in my bathroom?
All our LED mirrors and cabinets have their lumens listed on each product page. Lumens are a measure of the total amount of visible light from a light source.  This is the best way to measure how bright your mirror will be, as all our mirrors use LEDs...
Do the lights need to be on in order to use the shaver socket?
No the lights do not need to be active to use the shaver socket. Our items are all fitted with isolating transformers and conform to British Standards, which means the the shaver socket feature only uses power when a shaver or toothbrush is plugged ...
How do I activate or deactivate the demister pad?
Our built-in demister pads are controlled by your mirror or cabinet's light switch (either an infra-red sensor switch or a touch switch). The demister pad will be active when the lights are on, then simply turn off the mirror to turn off both the lights...
How do I use the Bluetooth™ feature on my Bluetooth™ mirror?
When both your Bluetooth™ device and the mirror/cabinet lights are turned on, you will hear a quick 'beep' which indicates that you are connected and ready to play through your IP44 rated speaker! Should you require further assistance please call our...
Is it possible to override my mirror or cabinet's switch and wire the item to the bathroom lighting circuit?
We do not recommend this as it will void your product warranty and you will not be able to claim if your item develops a fault, however it is possible to wire your mirror or cabinet to the main bathroom lighting circuit, so that the lights turn on and...
How do I change the batteries in my battery-operated mirror?
Simply take the mirror off the wall, and remove the battery compartment cover to add or replace batteries.
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